Coronavirus/Israel: sanctions could be increased tenfold

First publication: Before the Corona cabinet meeting today (Wednesday) to discuss the exit strategy from the closure, Roni Gamzoa decided to ask for a significant increase in fines for citizens who do not comply with the guidelines.

The sums, which are being published here for the first time, may even reach up to 10 times the fine imposed today, if indeed Gamzo’s proposal is approved in the debate and in the government.

At the same time, Finance Minister Israel Katz is calling for a return to normalcy immediately after the Sukkot holidays in the private sector and for approval of the opening of early childhood education.

According to the proposal, the opening of companies, public places and business premises whose opening is prohibited by regulation will result in a fine of 10,000 NIS instead of 5,000 NIS.

On the other hand, the holding of events banned to more than one participant, including parties, conferences and ceremonies, will result in a fine of 50,000 NIS compared to 5,000 NIS today, a tenfold increase.

Gamzo also proposes to multiply by 10 the fine for the opening of an educational institution or boarding school whose opening has been banned at 50,000 shekels.

Violation of the personal isolation requirement will, according to the proposal, be 10,000 NIS instead of 5,000 NIS today, and the fine for not wearing a mask will be 1,000 NIS instead of 500 NIS today.

The cabinet will also discuss the loophole created at Ben Gurion airport, as they have currently stopped applying the rule that only those who bought a plane ticket before the closure can fly, and ministers are expected to rectify the situation.

This morning we reported that Gamzo’s strategy for getting out of quarantine depends on three parameters, reaching 2,000 infections per day, an infection coefficient that will be only 0.8 and a constant downward trend in the number of infections (the target is 300).

One of the cabinet ministers referred to the benchmark set by Gamzo and said: “These are too ambitious targets, at this rate we will remain closed until November“.

As soon as we reach the figures set by Gamzo – economic activity will be able to resume at 50% and the opening of crèches and kindergartens will be possible. The opening of early childhood environments is essential as a first step in expanding employment opportunities, as millions of parents cannot go to work as long as educational frameworks remain closed. 

Source: Alliance Mag

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