Crisis in Mali: The President of the CNSP Expresses his Thanks to King Mohammed VI

The President of the National Committee for the Salvation of the People (CNSP) in Mali, Colonel Assimi Goita, extended his thanks to King Mohammed VI for Morocco’s active involvement in efforts to achieve a solution to the crisis in the country.

During a meeting held Tuesday evening at the military camp of Kati (15 km from Bamako), the Ambassador of Morocco to Mali, Hassan Naciri said that the president of the CNSP expressed “his deep gratitude” to the King for the active commitment of the Kingdom in the efforts to resolve the crisis.

Meanwhile, Colonel Assimi Goita pointed out that the King’s Ambassador was the first to make initial contact with the new authorities on Thursday, August 20, welcoming the long-standing relations and successful partnership between the two brotherly countries.

In addition, the two parties discussed the developments in the situation in Mali following the events of the 18th.

The president of the CNSP then informed the Moroccan diplomat of the confidence-building and appeasement measures taken, indicating that the political transition will be discussed between the different components of Malian society.

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