The New Achievement of the Moroccan Athlete Saïd Bourjila in the Ultra Marathon “6 Days of France”

The Moroccan athlete Saïd Bourjila ran a distance of 615.271 kilometers during 6 days of non-stop running, finishing fourth overall and first in his category. The latter, ran 143 hours, 44 minutes and 42 seconds.

During the celebration of this event. Saïd Bourjila bravely carried the flag of Morocco. He said that this flag is his good luck and charm, and for this reason he always brings it when it comes to the major sporting events in which he participates.

Moreover, the 6 Days of France are played at the stadium of the lake of Privas. It is an unmissable late summer event for ultra-marathoners, who come from all over the world, and run for six days non-stop for a race out of the ordinary.

It is important to know that, Saïd Bourjila began running in 2014 at the age of 40, starting with a few competitive races of 10 km, 15 km, half marathon in Brittany and especially in Finistère around the city of Brest, before opting for ultra-marathon when he felt the need to make the pleasure of running long-lasting. 

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