Gad El Maleh Releases an Album out of Love for Claude Nougaro

A new ”quality” is added to the different talents of Gad El Maleh. Comedian, actor and director, the latter is also learning how to sing. Indeed, he recorded an album where he covers 12 tracks by Claude Nougaro, entitled ”Dansez sur Moi”.

On the evening of August 24th, the multi-talented artist performed for the first time on stage 6 out of the 12 songs of the album: ”Amstrong” which will be available on September 4th, ”Toulouse”, ”Nougayork”, ”Le cinéma”, ”Don Juan” and ”Dansez sur moi”. Gad El Maleh was accompanied by Jérémy Hababou playing the piano, Thomas Bramerie on double bass and Philippe Maniez on drums. 

An Admiration that Goes Back a Long Way

The 40-year-old said he signed a contract with the prestigious Blue Note label for the album ‘Dansez sur moi’ which will be released on November 20th. A first single, Armstrong, will be released on September 4. “This album is not a tribute, it’s a declaration of love to Claude Nougaro,” explains Elmaleh, who says he discovered the singer’s music at the age of six.

Recently, one could already notice on social networks that the artist was turning more and more to the music world. Indeed, the latter often published on his Instagram account, videos of individuals whose voice or musical style he appreciates. He even posted stories of himself singing.

However, this news is not going to make everyone happy, as interactions are already starting to come at a very fast pace. “It’s a big desecration. It is no longer hiding in the copy,” commented one Internet user. Another replied: “Claude Nougaro didn’t deserve this”.

Meanwhile, others find his performance funnier than his own sketches.

Among the comments, some do not hesitate to use the words: “As if 2020 is not rotten enough” or “how to lose”, or even “There should be laws against this”.

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