Jewish Artist: Yoram Roth the Free Embarrassment

Yoram Roth the Free Annoyance

Collector, president and majority owner of the Fotografiska Museum, photographer Yoram Roth, born in Berlin, grew up in New York where he completed his photography studies before returning to Berlin. These three “titles” are not easy to manage even though he still hopes to become a full-time artist again. Thanks to his gallery “Camera Work” his work is known all over the world, even if, contrary to what people think, the nudity he illustrates is more and more badly considered.

Yet the way he presents it derives from abstraction and ethereal aspects that are not obscene. He was nevertheless uninvited to Photo fair San Francisco last year and was not even able to show my website in Dubai. In San Francisco, his work was seen as politically incorrect, in the emirate it was considered pornographic.

The creator is always looking for the sanctity of the human body, as if he were capturing light in the physical setting to convey the real impression, and he moves forward without forgetting to look at others like him, from Douglas Gordon, Kyle Meyer, Annegret Soltau to David LaChapelle, Julie Blackmon or Anja Niemi.

The artist reminds us that photography is not intimidating and that is his problem. Everybody may think they are a photographer and don’t realize that it takes more than a clever combination of buttons to make a good picture. The artist has to have skills, a point of view and a look, which is the case of Yoram Roth. That’s why his projects intrigue, fascinate or disturb.

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