September 11: Disaster Commemoration

September 11th is the date on which the terrorist attack in New York in 2001 shocked the world and left people speechless in front of television screens as they witnessed the collapse of the Twin Towers in Manhattan’s famous World Trade Center. The two towers and the US Department of Defense building, the Pentagon, were targeted by two explosive airplanes. These attacks left 2,973 dead, 24 missing and thousands injured.

The terrorist organization “Al-Qaeda”, led by the Saudi Arabian Osama Bin Laden, was accused. Bin Laden denied the accusations but finally declared them in 2004, claiming that the motives for organizing these attacks were American support for Israel, the existence of American forces in Muslim countries, and the sanctions imposed on Iraq. Investigations have proven that Saudi officials are also involved, through donations and financial aid to companies owned by the kidnappers, most of whom are Saudi nationals.

At that time, rumors of a conspiracy began to spread. Some were confirmed by US officials who knew in advance about the attacks but deliberately ignored them in order to justify the war against Iraq that served the interests of the arms lobby and the war rich. The conspiracy was allegedly masterminded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Israeli Mossad. Alongside this, the theory most propagated and believed by the Arabs is that Israel prepared the attacks in order to distract the world from its mistreatment of the Palestinians and in order to receive American support. It is also said that Israel, through its secret service, warned the Jewish employees of the World Trade Center not to go to their offices that day.

While the terrorist attacks have affected the economy of New York and the world, they have also changed the world by turning the world into two camps: one with America and one against. The United States then waged war on terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, losing many young people and soldiers. Changes were also made to the rules of air transport, with tighter controls and strict security measures at airports, in addition to hatred and violence against Muslims, who are accused of terrorism.

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