Jewish artist: Esther Teichmann, the narrations of the feminine

Esther Teichmann: Feminine narratives

Esther Teichmann, “On sleeping and drowning”, Les Filles du Calvaire, from April 12 to May 11, 2019The
 painted photographs of Esther Teichmann: their astonishment operates for the second time at the Filles du Calvaire’s gelerie. The influence of German Romanticism and cinema is still present and according to an aesthetic that the artist defines as follows: “Rather than working directly from a specific art history, I collect documents from various sources: paintings, newspaper clippings and film images, which I pin up in the studio. These bodies, their gestures and their narrative potential, become free references that I reconstruct.

In a kind of video installation painting and photography become one. Either the paint drips on the print or it serves as a background in subtle colours. Everything belongs to the register of mystery, the work is linked to the search for desire, its fear or its risk as well as its exacerbation through strange narratives.

The artist constructs a dive into the enigmatic world of fantasy. Aquatic or mineral metaphors (waterfalls, shells) surround other excroissances : those of statuary.

Behind, inks slide to suggest caves with talking reminiscences. Eroticism has nothing to do with obscène: it is the image of an intimate quest. It is the image of an intimate quest. The one that hides from glances and various types of fear nevertheless offers itself in the abyss of femininity.

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