Jewish and Israeli artist: Ar Amon David , all that remains

Ar Amon David: all that remains

Keep going”, exhibition, MZ Project room and Gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2019.

Born in Herzliya in Israel, Ar Amon David shows the wear and tear of time on beings and things to the point of underlining “all that remains” (Beckett): this leads to a deflagration, a surge. Often everything is extinguished in a work of such jolts remain muffled and restrained. It oozes and hisses. There is only a murmur, but a vibrating murmur where Ar Amon David caresses in layers of colors what moves forward in the white darkness in memory of the life sometimes passed and of its germination.

This is how it all happens, according to the injunction of Blanchot : “to see properly is no longer essentially to die”. It is no longer (or badly) a question of postponing the deadline, just of letting oneself be seized a little longer by the tender indifference of the world in soft and serious sensations through a broken and melodious movement.

Often arise the programmed abandonment, the necessary absence, the restrained burst of an intimate combustion, a close adherence but also the loss of control and its restraint. Here portraits and landscapes provoke strange presences where existence has little or no meaning. We feel a presence. That’s all we feel. There is nothing forced about it. The work makes us see strange presences to reach radiations of other gradients than those that realistic painting generally presents.

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