Jewish artist: Eli Singalovski, poetics of the city

Singalovsky: Poetics of the City Litvak Gallery, Tel Aviv

Born in St. Petersburg in 1984, Eli Singalovski came to Israel at the age of 7 and lives in Tel Aviv. A graduate of the Bazabel Academy of Art, he became an internationally recognized photographer for his photos of urban architecture.

In black and white, he creates a particular vision of large anonymous ensembles as well as houses with new architecture, according to an ostentation that is at once fractal but not devoid of poetry and catches in a light between dog and wolf.

The photographer knows how to force reality: he modifies its visible manifestations and transforms their perception. Always finding improbable places, Eli Singalovski gives them an aura force.
Hybrid, composite or minimalist structures cross space creating mysterious phosphorescences.

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