Israeli artist: Inbal Mendes-Flohr the rebels to just causes

Israeli artist: Inbal Mendes-Flohr the rebels to just causes

From the artist, reminder: “Viva Europa!”, Koresh 14 Gallery, Jerusalem

The works of Inbal Mebdes-Flohr are large, colourful and shimmering paintings.
There are scripted warlike and rebellious Amazons of a new kind.
Femen drawn from the history of time as figurations of popular culture.
They burn flags, fight against domestic or political abuses as new Wonder Women or even more (or worse for some macho people…).

And it’s not up to the mythical goddess Europa to take on Zeus himself.
All in a falbala of vivid shapes.
Europa and her sisters come after their kidnappers. But they don’t stop there. There’s a festive cleansing ritual against death given to the women.

From Israel the artist creates a process of changing the condition of those who fight for their rights in a world nourished by violence, sexist segregation, hypocrisies of which Zeus was the first demiurge.

In its psychedelic aspect, the work depicts. The artist uses markers, spray, ink and paint for his lucid delusions. So much so that the work takes on a figure of constant trance and rebellion.  Remains a concerted, playful and necessary anarchism in these Sabine’s who don’t let themselves go and fight against chaos.

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