Jewish Artist: The Obstructed Surface – Moshe Kupferman

The Obstructed Surface – Moshe Kupferman Moshe Kupferman, sommer contemporay, Tel Aviv.

Moshe Kupferman claims a visual poetry against consumerism and softness. But in the face of fear and hatred he creates metaphors in a communication device that is both direct and seemingly abstract.

Master of a particular minimalism, his grids and shackles cultivate a form not only of manifest poetry but of humour to play with the voyeur according to a return to primitive visions by weaving grey lines without imprecations, disgust or adulterated vertigo but to underline certain risks. But without making a “political” out of it.

No moose is drowned. The works emit their magnetism, the masks disappear where biffure seems to reign in both a rise and a protection of the abyss: they run in the work from at last towards an infinity that the author tries to plug or hope for.

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