Jewish artist: rediscover Gelua Dagan

Rediscover Gelua Dagan

Born in Jerusalem in 1925 Gelua Dagan was a Jewish artist who spent part of her childhood in South Africa and soon joined Israel where she studied painting with Mordecai Ardon at the Bezalel School of Fine Arts (Jerusalem).

She then went to Paris where she worked on sculpture in Zadkine’s studio.
Friend of Arpad Szenesn Vieira da Silva and Soulages became a leading abstract painter. Her discretion nevertheless hindered the notoriety of her work.

She developed a lyrical vision of nature that could place her in Monet’s lineage. But that would be to reduce her original post-impressionism blended with her culture to a fabulous vision. She knew how to reinvent and transform the world through an abstract and mystical vision, rich nevertheless in colours and forms that energize her works.

On her return to Israel, she will then give, through her communion with the landscapes of the Negev and its minerality, a particular strength capable of espousing – by transposing them – the “rhythms of nature”.

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