Jewish book: The machination of Berlin by Dominique Dollin du Fresnel

From Berlin in ruins to Argentina, and to Jerusalem, a merciless hunt in the heart of the Nazi nebula

In 1944, while Europe was under fire and blood, Pierre Castel, a doctor of Bordeaux origin, was entrusted by the British secret service with a crucial mission to assist Hitler in Berchtesgaden.

But things didn’t go as planned… and he returned to Germany under a false identity in April 1945. In the Führer’s bunker, he has to join an accomplice at the moment when the town is surrounded by the Red Army. During this siege, he will remember the sumptuous Berlin of the early 1930s, then the rise of Nazism which separated him from the woman he loved, Hannah Eckstein, a virtuoso violinist of Jewish origin.

From there, his life turns into a merciless hunt that will take him all the way to Argentina. It was not until almost fifty years later that Camille Moriez, a genealogist in Bordeaux, began to search for him on behalf of members of his family, who had lost all contact with him since 1947. What is arrivé ? Is he still alive?

She will not be at the end of her surprises when she travels to Berlin, Jerusalem and New York to try to find her trace.
Released on 25 September 2020.

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