Jewish book: Crossfire, secularism put to the test of fundamentalism, Jewish, Christian and Muslim

Since September 11, 2001, the world has been living in the haunting grip of Muslim terrorism. But this trauma has not allowed for an in-depth reflection on the origin of this terrorism: fundamentalism.

Caroline Fourest and Fiammetta Venner immersed themselves in documents, testimonies, interviews and sacred texts.
They provide a scathing refutation of the idea that only Islam can bring about barbarism, demonstrating that in many respects (such as women’s rights, sexuality, cultural intolerance or violence), the world dreamed of by Muslim fundamentalists is similar to the world advocated by Jewish and Christian fundamentalists.

The real fault line, far from isolating Islam from the “rest of the world”, could above all separate everywhere in the world democrats from theocrats – in other words, the partisans of an open, tolerant and protective city of individual liberties, from fundamentalists, fundamentally in favour of taking secularism under the crossfire of their fanaticism.
This book, analytical in its tone and method but explosive in the questions it raises and the answers it provides, is a warning signal for all defenders of liberties and secularism.

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