The Hadassa hospital in Israel innovates the world’s first passive coronavirus vaccine

Today, Hadassah Hospital has become the first in the world to launch a passive IGG serum corona vaccine treatment. As you may recall, two months ago Hadassah Medical Centre began collecting plasma-rich antibodies from recovering corona patients to produce a treatment for critically ill patients.

It should be noted that the project is now operating with the approval of the Ministry of Health and in cooperation with Magen David Adom, after waiting a very long time for Hadassah to approve an action by the outgoing Director General of the Ministry of Health, while continuing to collect samples.

Kamhada is the first company in the world to complete production of an IgG dose for COVID 19, an initiative that is attracting widespread international interest.

Tonight, Hadassah gave the world’s first passive vaccine to a patient in a very serious condition – a young woman with a background disease whose CT scan results show completely white lungs, and all conventional treatments – including Acme, have not improved her condition.

A few hours after receiving the serum – it seems that the condition of the patient, who is being treated in the intensive care unit for Corona patients, is stabilising and gives cause for cautious optimism.

Hadassah’s CEO, Professor Zeev Rothstein: “We are keeping our fingers crossed for the successful treatment of the critically ill patient, who, unsurprisingly, comes from Hadassah Hospital, which continues to play a pioneering role.

The hospital staff, including the blood bank staff and the range of plasma samples and laboratory staff, have worked hard for the success of the project, and the vaccine given today only reinforces the same determination with which everyone at Hadassah works. I would like to thank everyone involved in this complex operation, both inside and outside Hadassah. “

Source: Alliance Mag

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