The Vaccine Arrives in Morocco

The first shipment of the Chinese Coronavirus vaccine arrived at Casablanca’s Mohammed V airport last week. This vaccine was sent to begin vaccinating the first groups previously identified, including health professionals, security officials, and elderly people with chronic diseases, especially those with diabetes and hypertension.

According to “Assabah” reports, the first shipment included one million doses of vaccine, which were transported to storage facilities pending the start of the vaccination process.

The same sources have indicated that it is likely that vaccinations will begin during the first week of December, or the second week at the latest. This means that Morocco will be among the first countries to begin the process of vaccination against Coronavirus. Earlier last week, Morocco had sent blood samples from the 600 volunteers, who participated in the third phase of the clinical trials, to China to analyze their results.

Nonetheless, the vaccination process might start even before the results are in, since the vaccine has gone through all three stages, and the results have confirmed its effectiveness. This makes it possible to start the vaccination process, knowing that at least one million Chinese have benefited from it, as part of urgent measures to deal with the spread of the epidemic.

The start of the vaccination process will be provided by the Chinese pharmaceutical industry group “Sinopharma”, which will supply Morocco with 10 million doses of vaccine. This will be enough to vaccinate 5 million Moroccans, at a rate of two doses per person, which represents a quarter of the total number of target groups.

Morocco has signed agreements with a number of laboratories developing the vaccine to procure the quantities needed to include the 20 million-target process. This is because the vaccine will target only those over 18 years of age, accounting for 65 percent of the total population.

Preparations are under way in the different regions where the first phase of the vaccination process will begin. This process is supervised by the Ministry of Health in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior, the Department of National Defense, the General Directorate of National Security, and the Royal Gendarmerie.

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