Routini Al Yawmi: the Moroccans’ fed up with it

A group of Moroccans have called for the prosecution of the authors of the infamous videos in which women wearing tight, transparent clothes show off their bodies.

For the Moroccans who launched this appeal on Facebook, these women, seeking to collect as many views as possible, do not hesitate to put themselves in daring and shameless positions to film videos that they make available to anyone looking for an eye-wash. “We must absolutely prosecute them because not only do these videos harm young people but they also give a negative and stereotyped image of Moroccan women,” say these exasperated Internet users.

The immoral contents of these videos, which have become viral and resemble porn and are known as “routini al yawmi” (my daily routine), show women, sometimes very lightly dressed, carrying out household chores in ambiguous positions. The videos, often denounced by Internet users, nevertheless collect record numbers of views, which allows their authors to earn money.

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