Will Morocco lift the state of emergency to revive the economy?

The end of the state of health emergency is scheduled for 10 October in Morocco. With one week to go before this date, most Moroccans are wondering whether the government will decide to extend it for the 6th consecutive time.

In this regard, a government source told La presse marocaine that the Executive has not yet decided on this issue, recalling that the epidemiological situation is far from stable given the large numbers of covid-19 cases recorded daily.

“The decision to extend the state of health emergency or to lift it will be taken at the Governing Council. The Ministers of the Interior and Health are currently assessing the situation in order to take the right decision”, it is explained.

Our source has specified, moreover, that the state of health emergency could be definitively lifted on October 10 in order to revive the national economy, the tourism sector in particular which has been heavily affected by the crisis. “It is a scenario that should not be ruled out, but which requires some changes in the decree,” the same source said.

It should be recalled that the Council of Government, meeting on 2 September in Rabat under the chairmanship of the Head of Government Saad Dine El Otmani, decided to extend the state of health emergency until 10 October 2020 as part of efforts to combat the spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

The decision was taken in view of the requirements of the current situation, which requires that the necessary measures be maintained to stop the spread of Covid-19, while ensuring that the measures taken at the level of each region, prefecture or province are adequate with the evolution of the epidemiological situation.

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