An artistic residency around the Aïta jabalia

Djebli Club organises from 18 to 31 October an artistic residency for young Moroccan musicians and singers or residents in Morocco. The theme of this creative residency is the Aïta jabalia. This ancestral musical style sings about the history and beauty of the Jbala region, particularly Mokrisset where Djebli Club is located. This music has known an eclipse for a few years due to the death of the great masters of the Aïta jabalia. Thanks to this residency, five young artists from different universes will be able to co-create with a local group around the jeblie culture to give it a boost and more visibility to the general public with the production of an album and the broadcasting of a live concert.

The selected artists will be accompanied throughout this residency by the author, composer and singer Soukaïna Fahsi, who will be the artistic director of the event.

This initiative is organised as part of the Chetl’Art
programme funded by the Drosos Foundation. The last deadline for participation is October 4 at 6 pm. Participants in this residency will also have the opportunity to discover Djebli Club, a project that advocates humanity, a return to our roots, respect for nature and sharing as essential values for living together. This participatory, ecological hostel and artistic, cultural and social platform aims to disseminate art and knowledge to a population that is deprived of it. This idea laboratory provides a space for creativity at the service of the local community and participates in the ethical and sustainable development of the region.

Participation details

– Be Moroccan or resident in Morocco.
– Under the age of 30.
– Musician and/or singer.
– Available during the dates of the residence.
– Application deadline is October 4th.
– Artistic CVs and references/demos should be sent to: [email protected].

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