Graffiti to give hope, beauty and life to the city

The Odissa Association for Culture and Art in Laayoune is organising, from 6 to 20 November, the fifth edition of the International Street Arts Festival around the art of graffiti, in commemoration of the Green March and Independence Day. And this under the theme “Let’s make murals of the city breathtaking views teeming with life and beauty”.

Due to the current conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Odissa Association and the management of the International Street Arts Festival announce that, “following an in-depth study and reflection and subsequent discussions on the possibility of organising the fifth edition of the festival in this epidemiological situation in our country, given the continued spread of the corona virus, and in order to avoid anything that could harm the safety and health of artists and the public, we have decided to cancel all live performances that require the physical and direct presence of spectators, including theatre, circus, dance, fireworks, acrobatic shows and musical performances,” says the president of the Odissa Association for Culture and Art in Laâyoune, Abdelkader Atouif. In order to preserve the continuity of this major artistic event, as well as its identity as one of the largest street art events in Morocco, and as part of the creation of alternative activities to relieve Moroccan artists of the negative social and psychological repercussions due to the loss of employment in this state of health, “we have decided to transform this fifth edition into a thematic festival, based on one of the street arts practised individually, with distance and without the need for a public presence, which is the art of graffiti,” he added.
All the more so as this art, the organisers stress, could offer an aesthetic to the streets and façades of the city, where artists will create great works of art in the form of huge murals, whose drawings and images are centred on selected themes such as “The Glorious National Epics”, “Hassanian
culture and arts”, “The world after Corona”, “The city and the people”, all part of the main theme “Let’s make the murals of the city a breathtaking view full of life and beauty” so that this festival can continue its journey with splendour and remain true to its permanent slogan: “The city of Laâyoune is a destination for artists from Morocco and the world”.

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