Lotfi Bouchenak will take part in a grandiose concert in March 2021 in the Kremlin

The Tunisian singer Lotfi Bouchnak will perform in a grandiose concert bringing together artists from all over the world, scheduled for March 2021 in Moscow. The singer has announced to the Tunisian media that he will be the only Arab artist to take part in this event. The concert will be held at the Grand Palace of the Kremlin on the occasion of “Victory Day”, which marks the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the German surrender and the end of the Second World War. In Russia, as in several Eastern European countries, this day is usually celebrated on 9 May. The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic had forced Russia, like the vast majority of European countries, to cancel the traditional 9 May Day military parade, which was limited to a military parade. The concert will take place at the seat of the Russian presidency, the Kremlin, which is a jewel of Soviet architecture located in the heart of the capital and overlooking the Moskova River.

It will be marked by the presence of President Vladimir Putin, politicians and artists from all over the world. Buchenak said that he is planning to perform a new song “Kelma le-ashab al-karar” (a message for decision-makers), the lyrics of which are the work of the poet Ridha Chaayer. This renowned artist is known for his positions in favour of peace and just causes, including the Palestinian question. He is widely present on the Arab scene through concerts all over the world. In addition to Bouchenak’s distinguished vocal timbre, this artist’s repertoire draws its strength from his commitment in favour of citizenship and against corrupt regimes. Among his many songs are “Ana Mouwaten” (I am a citizen), “Assiyassi wal karassi” (I am a citizen) (the politician and the chairs) or “Gaza osmodi” (Gaza, resist), a song in homage to the Gaza Strip, in the occupied Palestinian territories. His last concert in the Kasbah was in homage to Lebanon and in favour of the victims of the recent deadly and destructive explosions in the port of Beirut. Bouchenak further reaffirmed his artistic commitment, believing that the true artist, the bearer of a message, is supposed to take a stand on the issues of his time.

Lotfi Bouchenak is an artist who has succeeded brilliantly in exploring different musical styles and interpreting with remarkable ease the most complex modes of Arab music. His immense sensitivity as a composer, his virtuosity as a lute player and his charisma as a singer have made him one of the most accomplished Tunisian artists of his generation in the lineage of the great masters of contemporary Arab song.


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