Jewish Book: History of the Righteous of France

“Just Among the Nations”: more than 3,500 French people have received this distinction awarded by the Israeli institute Yad Vashem, which rewards non-Jews who saved at least one Jew during the Holocaust.
Who are these men and women? France, long after the armed resistance fighters, discovered the Righteous, whose resistance was civil, peaceful and idealistic. They hold a place in our collective memory that should not obscure the tragedy of the Shoah, but rather remind us that another France existed in the face of Vichy.
This book paints a portrait of these anonymous heroes: members of the Catholic or Protestant clergy, teachers, activists, without forgetting some remarkable foreign figures. Solitary heroes but often carried by networks of religious or humanitarian
solidarity, places with a strong identity or families scattered throughout the rural fabric.

Patrick Cabanel, Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Toulouse-Le Mirail, is the author of numerous books including : Jews and Protestants in France, Les affinités électives XVIe-XXIe siècle (2004), Cévennes. Un jardin d’Israël (2004), Chère Mademoiselle… Alice Ferrières et les enfants de Murat, 1941-1944 (2010).
Viannay Prize – Defense of France 2012

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