In Israel, two women were murdered today by their husbands, but what does the state do?

200,000 women in Israel suffer from domestic violence, the epidemic has turned their homes into prisons, and economic and psychological pressures turn their situation into mental harassment. Tired of the words of elected officials after each murder – what are you doing to prevent the next murder?

Two cases of alleged murder of women in a matter of hours: Najah Mansour, 35, was found dead today (Monday) in her apartment in Kiryat Haim with signs of violence on her body. MDA medical teams arrived on the scene and MDA paramedics had no choice but to determine her death .

The 28-year-old alleged husband was arrested by police after being seen running around the neighborhood with a knife.

About three hours later, a 53-year-old man planned to commit suicide in Be’er Sheva, and after testifying at a psychiatric examination that he had injured his wife, reporting a suspicion of murder.

Police received a report of a man standing on the roof of a building with the intention of committing suicide . Police removed him from the roof and he was taken for psychiatric examination.

During the examination, the husband testified that he had hurt his 66-year-old wife. MDA forces who arrived at the apartment found her unconscious and were forced to determine her death.

Serious signs of violence were found on her head and her husband allegedly murdered her with a hammer, it is reported that he has been suffering from depression for a year. Neighbors report a handsome couple walking the dog. The wife left 2 children and 6 grandchildren. The husband is arrested and the investigation continues.

Naamat President Hagit Peer said following the report: “The wave of terrorism against women continues and the government does not care. The best proof of this is the plan to combat violence that had already been approved in 2017 by the government and which to date has not been implemented.

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