Poverty in Israel: a manager of a convenience store in Tel Aviv makes a remarkable gesture -video

Kobi Gabriel and his father were just before the closing of their “Super Crazy” store in Tel Aviv, when a young woman with a baby came in to do her shopping. When she wanted to pay, the credit card didn’t come through. She realized that she couldn’t buy everything she needed. They decided to help her.

“We were closing the store when this young woman came in with a double stroller. She arrived at the checkout to pay “her card wasn’t coming through. We asked her “if she had another way to pay.  Maybe money?”

Gabriel decided the amount wasn’t enough so he went to add diaper packs, wipes and baby shampoo to his basket “She was a little overwhelmed. It took her a few seconds to come to her senses, she immediately asked “how am I going to pay for all this? “. We told her “go in peace, the most important thing is health.”

The truth is that when you find yourself in this situation, you don’t think. You see the mental distress and you act. We’ve done the smallest thing we can do in this situation,” he says.” She was shocked. She said, ‘Thank you’ and left. I understand that this situation was not pleasant for her. “

Gabriel says he hasn’t encountered many cases of similar difficulties, but as a seasoned salesman, he has noticed that people’s baskets have become smaller.

Source: Alliance Mag

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