What can be done to avoid hospital saturation due to COVID-19?

That’s it, France enters its second confinement. The big difference with last March’s is the maintenance of part of the French economy.

A month ago, because of the evolution of the curve of entries into intensive care and to try to find a balance between health and economy, the executive had cut the curfew card in eight metropolises and then very quickly extended it to 38 departments.

But there were no repercussions on the number of hospital admissions, nor on the number of deaths, the curve of which today resembles that which led the government last March to bring the whole country to a complete standstill for the first time.

The images of the heat wave, and that of the first covid wave come back like traumas… It’s true, how would we react if we saw, once again, the corridors of our hospitals crowded with patients waiting for treatment?

Last January, faced with an overwhelmed hospital system, China built a 1,000-bed COVID prefabricated hospital in 10 days.

Why doesn’t France decide today to build its mega field hospital that would relieve the hospitals and avoid the dramatic economic consequences of confining the population?

This mega construction would let all the French live with the integrated barrier gestures and would reduce the haunting of our rulers.

Who could well help the state in the construction of this new field hospital? Who will join in this drive to remove the anxiety caused by the overloading of hospitals and which would unite all French people around a more positive perspective of managing the health crisis?

In 1939, didn’t the Renault company participate in the war effort with the manufacture of tanks? Let’s give our big companies the opportunity to shine in this new viral war that mainly brings down our old ones.

Between now and this decision, which seems unavoidable before the creation of the vaccine, what should be done during this new confinement and during the next ones, as the virus seems to be seasonal?  

Finding attention to be lavished at a distance on those who are important to us, learning one subject or perfecting another, organising moments that amuse us because when we are bored, we feel even worse, and this, without a doubt, weakens our immune defences.

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