Israel: a Magen David Adom official involved in the Covid-19 hacked test case

Case of hacked coronavirus tests: a senior MDA official is also suspected of fraud and money laundering

The main suspect, a senior MDA official, was brought before the court for a further extension of his detention on suspicion of committing fraud and money laundering offenses. Since his arrest, more than 50 testimonies have been collected from those involved.

Following the revelation of the suspicion of carrying out hacked Covid-19 tests at the Magen David Adom MDA, this morning (Monday) the main suspect in the case – a senior official of the organization was brought to another hearing to extend his detention and this time was suspected of money laundering and fraud.

Police also reported that from the time the suspect was arrested along with other suspects, the testimonies of more than 50 people involved were collected.

As part of this case, five MDA volunteers who arrested the pirates were also arrested and pocketed tens of thousands of shekels in this traffic.

The police also said that the main suspect along with other suspects allegedly used the complex “tested and traveled” to Jerusalem “to achieve their personal goals, introducing the hacked tests so that they could be tested in a laboratory to get results”.

The case begins with the publication of an article in which volunteers from the MDA organization exercise their authority and access to the systems in order to introduce hacked tests.

A video shows a senior MDA volunteer in the Jerusalem area getting paid for an “anonymous” corona test, for hundreds of Shekels.

The test is performed by another volunteer, who arrives in a vehicle, unprotected, despite the suspicion of infection.

In other videos M. himself came to sample a woman posing as a single mother and requested an emergency test and included the test in the database, at the expense of another quota, according to a sticker on the test kit.

The method works like this: the subjects contact M. ,, set the price and location of the test by phone.
The examiner arrives at the subject’s unprotected vehicle and charges the subject hundreds of shekels (between 800 and 1,200 shekels, depending on the information we received). The examiner conducts an examination with a stick and MDA equipment and ensures that the answers are received within the day.

It is possible that the sample moves to the test site and through the city and from there to the laboratories, but it is not known whether the volunteers transfer the samples, so there is a risk that the responses given to the subjects may be unreliable.

As seen in the video – M. sent two different volunteers, which proves that he does not work alone.

Source: Alliance Mag

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