A young Israeli woman proposes a solution to treat Covid-19

A 13-year-old Israeli girl offers a coronavirus vaccine at the hospital

“It sounds funny,” Yael Haza begins in his letter, “but I’m serious. I have an idea for a coronavirus vaccine.”

As scientists from around the world fight for a coronavirus vaccine, an original speech came from Yael Haza, 13:
“If the symptoms of COVID-19 are sore throat, cough and pneumonia, why not combine the drugs for all three?”. All that remains is to find two volunteers for the project.

Representing the “corona generation”, the Tel Aviv native sent a letter detailing her plan to Dr. Orit Stein Reisner, medical director of the Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital, which offers a wide range of rehabilitation services, covering 12 departments.

She offered to test it on two volunteers. The first would receive all the medicines at the same time, while the second would receive them gradually. “I hope we can do this and see if it is effective,” she said.

Dr. Stein Reisner welcomed the initiative, saying how “astonishing and comforting it is to see how skilfully and proactively the younger generation, growing up in these times of uncertain future, is coming up with original ideas.

“They show a strong sense of investment and involvement in productivity and production,” she continued. “The staff here [at Reuth] join Haza in the hope that a vaccine will soon be discovered.”

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