Halal Market: Morocco in Search of Repositioning

Currently in 45th place on the export market for halal products, Morocco wants to focus on halal certification with a view of repositioning itself as a true production and distribution hub.

The halal market, from food to beauty care through fashion, generates annually 2,000 billion dollars and grows by about 5.2% each year, according to a recent report on the situation of the Islamic economy in the world. For the years to come, the authors of this document expect more promising projections, including a growth of 6.2% by 2024.

The halal market thus embodies a strong potential for the developing countries, such as Morocco. In fact, “the halal market is driven by the needs and preferences of about 1.9 billion Muslims and other non-Muslim consumers attracted by the quality and hygiene of halal,” the report adds. Indeed, ethnic products and services offer many opportunities for the kingdom, especially through the halal market.

Morocco is ranked 45th in export of halal products, with 810 million dollars of products exported to OIC countries (Organization for Islamic Cooperation): 747 million dollars of exports concern food, 48 million dollars pharmaceuticals and 15 million dollars cosmetics. However, Morocco is still below its export potential. “So far, 150 Moroccan companies have been labeled halal by Imanor for only 500 references,” regrets Abderrahim Taibi, Director General of the Moroccan Institute of Standardization. 52 countries already have their halal label and export to key markets such as Malaysia, Indonesia and the Gulf countries.

In order to boost the Moroccan exportable offer, Taibi stresses the need to improve the number of companies certified halal and interest SMEs. A gap that should be quickly corrected since the awareness of Moroccan companies, especially SMEs and VSEs, to the opportunities offered by this global market, is the subject of an action plan at the Moroccan Association of Exporters.

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