Israel Calls for Recognition of Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries

Israel is asking certain Arab countries, including Morocco, and Iran to recognize the Jewish refugees who were expelled or deported following the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 with a draft resolution that the State intends to present to the UN.

Indeed, Israel estimates that these are 850,000 “forgotten refugees” who were expelled from Morocco, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iran and whose properties were confiscated.

In this regard, Gildan Erdan, the permanent Israeli representative to the United Nations, explains in an article published in the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post that the United Nations has not provided any help to the Jews who were forced to leave their homes and countries, nor has it acted in the face of the oppression they experienced.

The article entitled “The Abraham Accords… an opportunity to help the Jews of the Arab world” also explains that the world did not denounce the murders and thefts to which these refugees were exposed by their neighbors, supported by the authorities of their countries of residence, and that the UN did not help them, unlike the Palestinian refugees.

He adds in this article: “You won’t hear their stories in the meetings of the European Union and you won’t find their pictures hanging in the UN corridor exhibitions.”

No reaction from the countries concerned to these accusations, but Palestinian officials have raised the issue, explaining that this is an attempt by Israel to exchange the cause of Palestinian refugees for that of Jewish refugees. For them, the residence of Jewish communities in some Arab countries today and the existence of Jewish neighborhoods proves that they were not expelled.

The representative said that he will conduct a diplomatic campaign to recognize Jewish refugees in Arab countries and Iran, so that their stories become part of the international memory. This is a way, according to him, to correct the mistake and guarantee justice to the Jewish communities that have been despised by the world for more than 70 years.

Israel has previously claimed compensation of $250 billion from 7 Arab countries (including Morocco) and Iran for the properties of Jews who were deported from their countries after the creation of the Jewish state.

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