Ait Taleb Urges Moroccans to Participate Massively in Coronavirus Vaccination

The Minister of Health, Khalid Ait Taleb, called on citizens, Friday in Rabat, to participate in mass in the vaccination against coronavirus. The aim is to achieve herd immunity and fight against the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the meeting of the national technical committee of vaccination, reserved for scientific issues in preparation for the vaccination campaign, Mr. Ait Taleb insisted on the respect of preventive health measures. In particular, the wearing of masks, physical distancing and regular disinfection of hands, until reaching 60% of citizens vaccinated for herd immunity.

He said in this regard that health sector professionals, authorities, education employees and the vulnerable will be the first beneficiaries of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine, in which Morocco was involved in the clinical trials.

The minister said that the vaccine will be available at the territorial and national level and that the doses will be distributed to target groups, calling for compliance with preventive measures even after vaccination.

He also stressed the importance of improving and updating vaccination strategies so that they are available to be applied in the area. He also mentioned that the Ministry of Health is working in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior in the preparations for the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in terms of logistics, safety and monitoring.

For his part, the chairman of the National Technical Committee on Vaccination, Moulay Tahar Alaoui spoke about the national vaccination program available in the Kingdom, and the role it plays in improving the health of the inhabitants and reducing the rate of illness and death.

He said that the new vaccine is the subject of several studies and scientific research in different countries of the world, and that it is necessary to preserve the preventive basis even after the launch of the campaign. This is especially necessary with regard to the wearing of preventive masks and social distancing.

Speaking about the clinical trials, the professor of parasitology-mycology at the Faculty of Medicine in Rabat, Mohamed Lyagoubi said that all the steps have been followed precisely and “with a little speed but without recklessness,”. He also indicated that ” there are techniques to undertake the steps with speed and without recklessness.”

Concerning the efficiency, Prof. Lyagoubi stressed that the committee should wait, during the next weeks, for the preliminary results of the doses treated by the Chinese teams regarding the mobility of the protective antibodies against the virus.

For Moulay Said Afif, member of the national technical committee of vaccination, president of the Moroccan association of medical sciences and the national federation of health “it is an effective and safe vaccine whose results have been proven in the Emirates and China which has vaccinated more than one million of its citizens”.

He added that during the clinical trials in which Morocco participated, no side effects were recorded. He said the vaccine could cause redness and pain where it is injected as well as possible headache.

Mr. Afif stressed the role of the vaccine as an effective means, saying that vaccination is the only way to fight the pandemic and achieve herd immunity until there is an effective treatment against the virus.

The committee members unanimously stated that the results of clinical trials show that, except for some normal effects that accompany all vaccines such as headache, redness or sclerosis, the Covid vaccine has no side effects.

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