Coronavirus in Morocco: 300 People Are “Daily” Monitored (Ministry)

Around 300 people, who have come into contact with the three confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Morocco, are “daily” monitored by the Ministry of Health and “none has shown symptoms of the virus for the moment” said, Tuesday in Rabat, the director of epidemiology and disease control at the Ministry, Mohamed El Youbi.

“The Ministry will continue to monitor all these contacts until the expiration of 14 days which corresponds to the maximum incubation period of the virus,” El Youbi said at a press conference.

He also stressed that the state of health of the two people confirmed to be infected with the new Coronavirus is “reassuring”, pointing out that they are a 39-year-old young man who tested positive on his return from Italy and a 52-year-old French tourist from Paris.

El Youbi also said the first person is healthy and recovering from his illness, while the symptoms of the virus presented by the French tourist are “simple”, adding that the latter is quarantined in a hospital in the city of Marrakech.

Regarding the 89-year-old woman who died on Tuesday in Casablanca, the official recalled that her state of health was critical and that despite the intervention of a staff composed of doctors specializing in epidemiological, virological and resuscitation diseases, the patient died.

El Youbi also indicated that all necessary precautions and measures were taken during the burial of the deceased to ensure safe sanitary conditions and avoid any possibility of transmission of the virus. Her advanced age and the chronic illnesses she suffered from were at the root of the deterioration of her health and her death, he explained, praising in this regard the positive interaction of the family of the deceased with the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the health authorities of the city of Casablanca regarding the quarantine.

The official also noted that the Ministry is still in the first stage of implementing the national plan to monitor and respond to the new Coronavirus infection, indicating that this stage consists of detecting cases from abroad.

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