Hamid Saadani: The Skilled Journalist

A few days ago, Hamid Saadani was appointed Director of News at 2M, succeeding Samira Sitail. He is one of the well-known media figures in the field and is respected by the audience that has followed him since the beginnings of the Aïn Sebaâ channel, since he is part of the first generation of journalists who joined its team.

Before joining the field, Saadani had a tendency towards art and sports. Indeed, he practiced theater, music, soccer and boxing for years and wanted to join the field of tourism after graduating from high school. However, he was tempted by journalism and decided to enter this profession despite the fact that his mother wanted him to become a teacher.

Saadani, a member of the National Press Council, is a graduate of the ISIC of Rabat, specializing in the audiovisual field. He first worked as an editor in the newspaper Al Mitaq and then joined the national radio and television where he hosted several educational programs on the first channel. He then joined 2M in March 1989 after training in France, where he first hosted educational programs and then presented the news in Arabic and then several successful debate programs, including “Li Sahafa Ra’y” (The Press with an Opinion) and “Wajhan li Wajh” (Face to Face). In addition, he held positions in the channel, going from editor-in-chief to deputy news director, and finally director after the departure of the iron woman Samira Sitail.

Saadani, who had successfully graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Enseignants, has raised generations of journalists and media personalities, being a professor of audiovisual press and television reporting at the Institute of Journalism and Information in Casablanca. His students keep the memory of him as a humble, calm and attentive teacher.

Hamid Saadani, who is the father of three daughters, was born on July 3, 1964 in Rabat into a modest family. He spent a large part of his childhood in the working-class Akkari neighborhood after the death of his father and the inability of his mother to provide for him. This experience left a deep impact on him and made him an independent, humble and simple person, which is why he is treated with great respect and friendliness.

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