Samira Sitaïl Is Leaving 2M

“On May 2, 1990, Samira Sitaïl joined 2M as a journalist-anchor. On 31 January 2020, she left after an exceptional career within the company,” reads a press release from the channel. Nothing will be known about the reasons for her departure.

“Today, she begins a new academic stage with a specialized course in information and communication sciences at the prestigious Institut Celsa-La Sorbonne, which will allow her to come back and take up new challenges in the service of Morocco and Moroccans,” the press release says.

This press release, which retraces Samira Sitaïl’s professional career, shows that it is intimately linked to channel and the various turning points that have marked her development.

A journalist and reporter in her early days, Samira Sitaïl wrote the first large format ever devoted to the subject of prostitution in Morocco, with “Les Fleurs du mal”(The Flowers of Evil), and directed the first series of major reports devoted to Moroccans around the world.

As a journalist and presenter of debate programs such as “L’homme en question”, “Pour tout vous dire”, “Edition spéciale” and “Invité spécial”, she interviews heads of state and other personalities such as Nelson Mandela, Ban Ki Moon, Hillary Clinton, Shimon Perez, José-Maria Aznar, Macky Sall, François Mitterrand and Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta.

As a documentary filmmaker, she made an innovative film, one of the most outstanding of the Moroccan audiovisual landscape, “Memories of Exile” in which she retraces the period in Madagsacar during which the French colonial authority forced the late Sultan Mohammed V and the royal family to stay in the city in 1953.

As editor-in-chief of the television news, she contributed to the development of a professional and audacious editorial line, which gave a voice to Moroccans, dealt with often taboo social issues, and left room for debate.

“She has been director of information since May 2001, and to meet the expectations of viewers, she has helped train generations of journalists and to create, structure and organize newsrooms in a major transition phase for the channel, which was moving from a thematic channel to a generalist model in which information was taking an increasingly important place,” the press release reads.

Appointed deputy director-general in charge of news, she has also represented 2M and her country at numerous events, both in Morocco and abroad, with a militant commitment to the African continent, for which she helped found a network of women journalists, “Les Panafricaines”, which will hold its third edition on 6 and 7 March.

When she was appointed by King Mohammed VI, in February 2016, as head of the press and communication pole within the Cop22 Steering Committee, she committed herself to carrying out this mission within the largest international conference ever held in Morocco.

“A woman of commitment, she represented the channel with dignity and carried its values. Among them, integrity, professional discipline, greater visibility for women and minorities and pride in a plural Moroccan identity,” explains the 2M press release.

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