Jewish artist: Richard Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen sounds the alarm

Richard Alan Cohen, “Planet Falls,

Moving from biomedical research to photography Richard Alan Cohen found a way to pursue the same approach. But now it is through the imagination that he asks himself what our images and the world can become by exploring light, its contrasts and the forms that make it possible to conceive of them.

They are inspired by landscape elements. But these become means not to reproduce reality but to invent new worlds that mix the past and the future to underline what is happening in our own world and time.

He imagines what could happen if the current situation worsens as a result of climate change. And he proposes forms that, through the imagination, remind us of what science is announcing.

The photographer also magnifies the first world in order to bring back to the first beauty of what we risk losing. He tries to recontextualise reality through the power of imagery.

The images of “Planet Falls” underline such efforts. Cohen reinterprets reality according to places where natural beauty is intact: “I see them as an open door to a better world. The title, Planet Falls, does not only correspond to images of waterfalls but also implies the danger the world is in” writes the photographer.

To underline the change of the environment and its vulnerability he joins here stellar nebulae received from NASA, smoke, storm clouds. All this to alert us and hope for a less schizophrenic world.

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