They disguise themselves as Emiratis and arouse the curiosity of passers-by from Tel Aviv in Israel -Video

From Kfar Qassem to Dubai: An entertaining video showing Israeli Arabs walking around Tel Aviv posing as tourists from the UAE was posted Saturday on social networks and went viral.
The video shows residents of Kafr Qassem in traditional dress and passers-by looking at them with interest and even queuing to be photographed with them.
Hamada Odeh, a resident of Kafr Qassem who initiated the prank with his friends, told N12: “We wanted to see the reaction of people who see tourists from Dubai. All the reactions were good. We told them we were from Dubai, they were photographed with us and immediately told them we were from Kfar Qassem. “I am also thinking of going to Dubai. I think that in time we will see a lot of tourists from the Emirates walking around here”.

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