This Is How American Newspapers Comment on Trump’s Announcement to Recognize Morocco’s Sovereignty over its Sahara

The announcement by U.S. President Donald Trump of U.S. recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara has received wide media coverage. The announcement was made after the telephone conversation he had with HM King Mohammed VI. U.S. newspapers have highlighted on Friday the successful “diplomatic infiltration” of Morocco.

Thus, the news site Axios spoke of a “diplomatic infiltration” carried out by Morocco after long high-level interviews.

For its part, the Washington Post wrote that Trump’s decision regarding the Moroccan Sahara ” ends more than 40 years of official neutrality ” of the United States.

As for the magazine Slate, it published an article entitled “Finally, Trump clarifies his position on the Sahara conflict”. It describes Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara as a “great diplomatic setback (…) knowing that this is not the first time that the United States is leaning on the side of Morocco”, and that it is a “great diplomatic victory” for Morocco.

In an article on the important U.S. decision, Radio Canada said that President Donald Trump announced Thursday Washington’s recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara, indicating that Trump signed, yesterday, an executive order recognizing Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara.

The Canadian media added that Trump wrote on Twitter: “Morocco’s serious and realistic autonomy proposal is the only foundation for a just and permanent solution for peace and prosperity.”

Radio Canada added, according to the statement of the Royal Cabinet, that HM King Mohammed VI welcomed the “historic position” of the United States. 

In the same context, The Globe and Mail, one of the most important English-speaking Canadian media, wrote that President Trump “reiterated his affirmation to support the serious, realistic and credible Moroccan proposal for autonomy, being the only just and permanent foundation for the Sahara conflict.” In this sense, the White House added that “the president recognizes Moroccan sovereignty over the entire territory of the Sahara.”

In the same sense, National Post wrote that the U.S. president “agreed to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara,” recalling that Algeria is the main support of the “polisario” separatists in this long-term regional conflict.

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