Rabbi Pinto: Morocco Is a Country that Shines with Divine Lights

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto described Morocco as a country surrounded by divine lights and blessed with spiritual transcendence, being a land where many saints and rabbis have lived and been buried.

In a recent lesson broadcast live on Rabbi Pinto’s social networking platforms, he explained that the day of the announcement of normalization between Morocco and Israel is a blessed day, especially because it coincided with the lighting of the first candles of the Hanukkah, a blessed celebration for all Jews around the world.

The rabbi, originally from the Moroccan city of Essaouira, said that everything that happens in the world is predestined. He added: “We live in this world, but it is God who directs it with wisdom, all events that happen are from God.”

The president of the Hebrew court in Casablanca advised the Jewish people to recognize the goodness of Morocco. He explained that it is thanks to Sultan Mohammed V that Moroccan Jews escaped the holocaust because he refused to hand them over to Nazi forces during World War II, declaring that they are Moroccan citizens just like the Muslims of the Kingdom.

The famous rabbi said that it is 2500 years of cultural coexistence and religious tolerance between Muslims and Jews in the Kingdom, the land that witnessed the birth and death of several rabbis respected by the Jewish people.

Rabbi Pinto said that Moroccan Jews living in Morocco lack nothing and live in good conditions, thanks to the attention given to them by HM King Mohammed VI, may God glorify him.

During the religious lesson, the Rabbi prayed that the Good God bless HM King Mohammed VI, grant him a long life and assist him in the sovereignty of this stable and secure Kingdom thanks to the wisdom of His Majesty.

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