Qatar Prepares to Normalize Relations with Israel

It seems that after Morocco, Qatar is the next country to normalize its relations with Israel, says several media reports and posts by some Israeli officials on social networks.

The Israeli Channel 13 channel said the next country on the normalization list is Qatar, which will announce its decision officially before US President Donald Trump’s exit from the White House. The channel added that Qatar is an important country because it supports several Islamic movements in the region, including the Muslim Brotherhood and the Hamas Organization.

The same channel spoke of an agreement that Qatar will sign in exchange for its standardization. Indeed, the country will benefit from the F-35 aircraft that will allow it to improve its military forces.

For his part, Edy Cohen, the academic researcher and advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, confirmed the news of Qatari normalization with the Hebrew state via a tweet on his Twitter account. He said that Qatari officials contacted Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to announce their normalization with Israel and asked him to treat this announcement in the same way he treated the normalization of Morocco: by silence, contrary to his reaction to the Emirates that he had attacked and accused of treason.

Qatar will be the seventh country to announce its normalization with Israel, after Morocco, Sudan, Bahrain and the Emirates, as well as Egypt and Jordan, which normalized their relations years ago.

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