Morocco Refuses the Return of Sebta and Melilla Passages to the Status Quo ante and Spain Proposes a Compromise

Spanish media reported that the era of smuggling in the occupied passages of Sebta and Melilla is over once and for all. This is justified by the Moroccan authorities’ insistence on refusing to return to the status quo ante prior to the closure.

Spanish sources said that, according to government officials in the two occupied territories of Sebta and Melilla, Spain aspires to reopen the two passages for the movement of individuals and cars. The aim is to ensure that the city’s inhabitants are no longer virtually trapped, and to revive the tourism sector in these two zones, which has been totally paralyzed.

The same sources added that the Spanish proposal allows access to the two cities only to people with a tourist visa, without specifying whether it is the Schengen visa, the special annual visa of these two enclaves, or Moroccans who have work permits.

It is likely that an agreement will be reached next spring, since the Spanish are counting on the bilateral meeting between Rabat and Madrid in the coming weeks to bring the points of view closer.

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