Cohen: Algeria Asked for $23 Billion in Exchange for Normalization

Edy Cohen, the academic researcher and adviser to Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, said that Algeria has asked for $23 billion to normalize its relations with the Hebrew state.

Indeed, Cohen said in a tweet he wrote on his Twitter account that Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune demanded that the Gulf countries pay the mentioned amount to the country’s treasury in order to accept official normalization with Israel. It should be noted that Cohen is known for his tweets that sometimes cause controversy, but prove to be right later on.

The Algerian media had attacked Morocco more fiercely than the Palestinians themselves, following its decision to normalize its relations with the Hebrew state. This was especially so since America, in return, recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara. The decision was personally announced by President Donald Trump, to the disappointment of Algerian generals and polisario mercenaries.

In spite of the fierce media campaign led by Algeria, Morocco continues to express its willingness to move to a new chapter with this neighboring country. Furthermore, HM King Mohammed VI addressed a message to Algerian President Tebboune following the circulation of news of his contamination by coronavirus. HM King Mohammed VI wished him a speedy recovery and prayed to God to grant him health, prosperity and long life.

Algeria is an obstacle to all attempts to found the Union of the Greater Maghreb, since it opposes all attempts at reconciliation with Morocco and refuses to put an end to the Sahara conflict in which it is involved by supporting the polisario front for years.

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