Publication of the “Rways” Anthology

A new cultural publication enriches the library of the Moroccan Amazigh musical heritage. It is an anthology “Rways” entitled “Journey into the universe of the Amazigh itinerant poets”. It is the result of two years of work, recording and filming, to compile Amazigh heritage songs, in addition to the songs of the new generation of Rways.

The anthology contains 10 albums and about 100 songs recorded by more than 80 artists at the Hiba studio in Casablanca. It also contains 3 booklets of 120 pages in Arabic, French and English on various subjects such as the origins of the Rways music, its developments, history, rhythms and followers.

The anthology is a tribute to the Rways and Rayssates who have continued to preserve this artistic heritage.

The project came into being thanks to the exceptional participation and mobilization of a number of researchers, musicians and artists from Agadir, Inzegane, Marrakech, Casablanca, Essaouira and Ouarzazate.

The director of this anthology is Brahim El Mazned, the Amazigh musical researcher and the artistic director of the Timitar festival who previously carried out an anthology around the art of Aita.

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