Morocco’s Ambassador to Tunisia Highlights International Support for Recent Developments in Moroccan Sahara

Morocco’s ambassador to Tunisia, Mr. Hassan Tariq, highlighted, Saturday in Tunis, the international support for recent developments relating to Moroccan Sahara.

On the occasion of a ceremony organized by the Kingdom’s embassy in Tunisia and at the Consulate General for the awarding of prizes to children who participated in a drawing competition under the theme “Let’s draw Morocco, our homeland”, Mr. Hassan Tariq, the Moroccan ambassador to Tunisia, said that Morocco’s support for the Sahara region is very important. Tariq highlighted “the momentum of international support for recent developments, the restoration of the passage of El Guerguerat, the opening of 19 consular missions in the cities of Laayoun and Dakhla, then the historic event that crowned the whole; the recognition by the United States of the sovereignty of Morocco over its Sahara.”

He said that “the concept of Homeland, the common ground between Moroccans, is alive during the celebrations of Independence, the King’s and the people’s Revolution, as well as in the celebration of the Kingdom’s territorial unity, crowned by the glorious Green March which is a key step in the construction of national identity and is committed to the defense of the national cause”.

Mr. Tariq praised the efforts of these Moroccan children (aged between 10 and 14 years) participating in this competition, which was organized on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the glorious Green March and the 65th anniversary of Independence. The competition aims to “express the pride and love of these children for their country, through an artistic project related to the cultural and historical spirit of the Kingdom of Morocco, of which we are all proud as Moroccans.”

For his part, Morocco’s Consul General in Tunisia, Ali Benaissa said that “recent developments in the national cause following the recognition by the U.S. administration of Morocco’s sovereignty over its southern provinces, has boosted the national cause”. He added that this initiative is the result of the tireless efforts of HM King Mohammed VI to consolidate the Moroccan Sahara on the national, African and international levels.

He stressed that the organization of this competition aims to encourage children of the Moroccan community established in Tunisia to develop their creativity and strengthen their attachment to their motherland. He also praised the efforts of these children to express their feelings through drawings that embody the national epics and the ancestral heritage of the Kingdom.

At the end of the ceremony, held in the presence of officials and members of Moroccan associations in Tunisia in compliance with the health protocol required because of the pandemic, prizes were awarded to the winning children.

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