HM the King Receives Kushner and Ben-Shabbat

HM King Mohammed VI received, yesterday, in his Royal Palace in Rabat, the American-Israeli delegation which made the first visit to the Kingdom after the announcement of the peace and normalization agreement between Morocco and Israel. The delegation was chaired on the American side by Jared Kushner, advisor to President Donald Trump, and on the Israeli side by Meir Ben-Shabbat, the National Security Advisor (Moroccan Jew), and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s man of confidence, who spoke in Moroccan dialect (Darija) at the press conference. He said, “My Moroccan brothers, together we will change the features of the region so as to serve our peoples and neighboring peoples. We look forward to welcoming you to Israel,” he also repeated the phrase “May God bless you, Your Majesty” several times.

During this commercially oriented visit, several important agreements were signed, allowing the Israeli airline El Al to operate direct flights to the Kingdom, in order to transport Israeli tourists and members of the Jewish community to Morocco. In addition, the liaison offices in Rabat and Tel Aviv will be reopened after years of closure following the second Palestinian Intifada. Indeed, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Nasser Bourita, told the conference that they will open in about two weeks. These agreements aim to encourage economic and commercial cooperation in several areas.

Members of the U.S.-Israeli delegation visited the Mausoleum of Mohammed, to pay their respects to the graves of the late Mohammed V and the late Hassan II, may God rest their souls, and lay a wreath of flowers on them. This visit is of great significance, given the important role of the two kings in protecting the Jewish community in Morocco.

The Israeli plane took off yesterday from Ben Gurion airport to Rabat-Salé airport, bringing peace to these cooperative relations. The flight, operated by the El Al company, had the symbol “Khmissa”, with the expression “Salam” in Arabic, Hebrew and English, in addition to the flags of Morocco, Israel and the United States. 

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