Covid-19: Moncef Slaoui Announces a Vaccine that would Be 90% Effective

The Moroccan researcher Moncef Saloui, appointed by US President Donald Trump to head the “Warp Speed” operation to find a Coronavirus vaccine, said he is confident that a new vaccine could be 90% effective.

In an interview with CNN, the Moroccan researcher Moncef Slaoui made no secret of his enthusiasm for a new vaccine, currently under development, estimating its effectiveness at 90%. He said that “it is very difficult to predict it, of course, which is why we are doing trials”. He added: ” From my personal opinion, based on my experience and the biology of this virus, I think it will be highly effective. I will not be surprised if it reaches 90%”. As for the availability of the vaccine, Moncef Slaoui estimates that it will be within reach by the end of 2021 for all Americans.

Operation Warp Speed is being carried out jointly with the US Army and, as its name suggests, consists of finding a vaccine against Covid-19 as quickly as possible and ensuring its mass production for all Americans.

Appointed by Donald Trump as chief advisor, Mr. Saloui is in charge of leading this operation given his undeniable experience in the field of vaccines. He was President of Global Research and Development and President of Global Vaccines at GlaxoSmithKline, where he led the development of five major new vaccines.

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