Badr Hari: The Mischievous Champion

Badr Hari is among the most famous and respected Moroccan champions at the national and world level, for his talents in kick-boxing. Indeed, he has won more than 100 international fights, he has won several awards and honorary shields, he has been named world champion three times in a row and books have been written in his honor (including a novel by Moroccan-Dutch writer Abdelkader Benali entitled Bad Boy). Dolls resembling him have even been manufactured and sold around the world, and beautiful girls have chased him, dreaming of a simple glance from him.

Badr was born in one of the marginalized neighborhoods of Amsterdam on December 8, 1984, to two Moroccan expatriate parents; but he is originally from Oulad Teima in the province of Taroudant in Morocco. No one foresaw that he would become a champion and fierce fighter. As a child, he was shy and introverted, and suffered much harassment from friends and classmates, but he managed, through his perseverance and rebellion against ghetto life, to transform his daily life from poverty and marginalization to success and fame. However, he could not get rid of his temper outbursts, which caused him several legal problems, whether in Holland, Morocco or elsewhere. Being easily provoked and unable to control his anger, many people predicted a tragic end for him.  This trait created problems for him that led him to jail.

Although he has a bad reputation because of his fights, legal problems and imprisonment, Badr Hari has a strong humanitarian sense. Indeed, he presides over a charitable association that bears his name and which carries out social actions. He has also carried out several social and human initiatives, including the construction of 12 equipped classrooms in an elementary school in Kenitra.

Badr Hari loves Morocco, since it is here that he finds his psychological stability. He never fails to raise the flag of Morocco in all his fights, to express his feelings of love, even though he has lived abroad for years. 

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