Will a Moroccan Delegation Really Visit Israel as Netanyahu Claimed?

The Israeli media, according to Moroccan Foreign Affairs sources, denied what Netanyahu said about the arrival of a Moroccan delegation in Tel Aviv earlier this week, as part of the resumption of official relations between the two countries after the signing of the normalization agreement.

The same sources said Moroccan Foreign Affairs said that so far Rabat has not sent a delegation to Tel Aviv. If it had, it would have been officially announced, and the members of the delegation would have been revealed.

The sources added that this is a logistical mission, the purpose of which is to prepare on the spot the opening of the liaison offices. It is also about the rest of the organization and technical details.

Indeed, Netanyahu had said in a video broadcast last Saturday that they agreed, HM King Mohammed VI and him, “that a Moroccan delegation will come here early next week to advance all this”.

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