Death of the artist Mohamed Tazi Massano, one of the pioneers of Andalusian music

The artist Mohamed Tazi Cherti, known under the pseudonym Massano and considered one of the pioneers of Andalusian music in Morocco died Monday evening in Fez, at the age of 100, after a long illness, we learn from the Association “Al Baât” of Andalusian music in Fez.

Coming from a family passionate about the art of “Samaâ” and “Tarab al ala”, the late Mohamed Tazi Cherti was part of the generation of the late Ahmed Loukili and Abdelkrim Raïs and was a pupil of Mohammed El-Mtiri and Mohamed Al-Brihi. The late Tazi Cherti was the conductor of the Mohammed El-Mtiri orchestra, the name of one of his sheikhs, a group with which he recorded many Mizanes of Andalusian music.

The deceased, who was a specialist of Rabâb’s instrument and who taught at the “Dar Adiyel” music conservatory in Fez, was a member for 11 years of the El-Mtiri orchestra, founded by Moulay Ahmed Loukili.

A tribute was paid to the late Mohamed Tazi Cherti at the tenth meeting of Andalusian music lovers in Tangier in 2019, as well as at the Andalusian Music Festival in Fez in 1998.

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