Erik Goca’s new photoshoot by Algerian American photographer Sami Khantache

Erik Goca is an American musical artist from Los Angeles California known for his new hit  single “COLLIDE”. 

Living in the famous city of Los Angeles, Erik Goca teams up with Algerian American  photographer Sami Khantache continuing his determination to work on more professional  content to add to his portfolio. 

An insider told us that Erik Goca takes proud of the work he puts in every piece of work he  creates. 

As American singer strives high to perfect his craft, Erik Goca shared that in the first few snaps  they were already headed in the right direction. 

“Working with professionals like Sami Khantache, gives you the piece of mind that your  creations are always going the be top notch with impeccable results, I felt confident that we  were doing everything possible to show raw sensibility, by not being afraid of being yourself in  true form”, Erik Goca says. 

Sami Khantache is an Algerian American photographer living and creating in Los Angeles. The medium of photography has always fascinated him and capturing the essence of the  person he is photographing is his goal. 

Sami Khantache’s style photography features light editing to his photographs to showcase the  true raw beauty captured in image so you can “see” the person he creates with.  He is also the founder of Artsylens website 

“Erik and I met when we did his photoshoot at my studio. You can always spot a true artist  immediately upon meeting them, Erik is in that category. When he creates anything for his fans  he’s THERE mentally, physically and whole heartedly and it shows in everything that’s  captured” 

Sami Khantache stated. 

American singer songwriter Erik Goca met Sami Khantache at his studio in LA after planning a  photo session weeks ahead of time. 

Soon after the photoshoot was over they talked about working together in the near future as  they both had a great time during Erik Goca’s photoshoot. 

Erik Goca expressed: 

“It was a great experience working with Sami he is very talented and he definitely has a great  eye for photography. Sami and I had a great professional connection and he truly understood  the vision and direction that I wanted to take with this photoshoot, it was very inspiring and  effortless” 

Erik Goca’s photoshoot pictures were posted and shared on social media on his artist profile  on Instagram leaving a timeless image imprint on his feed.  

Find out more about the next collaboration with Erik Goca and Sami Khantache stay tuned. Click the links below to see Erik Goca’s new photoshoot

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Instagram: @sami_khantache

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