Gaming: Moroccan market estimated at 2 billion dirhams in 2024

The Moroccan video game market has eight million users and is expected to generate nearly 2 billion dirhams in 2024, according to data published by the website.

A survey conducted by Statistica provides an overview of the Moroccan gaming sector and attempts to estimate the size of this growing industry.

According to figures released by the same source, the Moroccan video game market is expected to generate sales of US$227.30 million (around 2 billion dirhams) by 2024.
volume is projected to reach $297.50 million by 2027, or nearly 3 billion dirhams, with a forecast annual growth rate of 9.39% for the period 2024-2027.

This upward trend also applies to the number of users. The Moroccan video game market is forecast to have 8.4 million users by 2027. The user penetration rate is also set to rise, from 19.5% in 2024 to 21.2% by 2027.

With an estimated average revenue per user of US$30.22 in 2024, the Moroccan video game market demonstrates both growing demand and increasing purchasing power among its users.
Undoubtedly, this high-potential market should be a major focus of the Moroccan economy in the years to come.

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