The Moroccan Series “Salamat Abu Al Banat” Is the Most Popular in the Arab World

After the success of its first season, “Salamat Abu Al Banat”, which is broadcast on MBC 5 channel, returns to the public with a second season. Since its first episodes, this series has been able to occupy the first place in the Arab world among the other Ramadan shows broadcasted on the “Watch” platform. The interesting and exciting events of the series, which begins with the marriage of the daughters of Salamat, will surprise the audience. In particular, the emergence of new personalities which will lead to different life experiences and will turn the events upside down.

Among these characters, Haji Al Radi, one of Omar’s uncles who denied his inheritance rights and the conflicts that followed. Also, the return of Yusef’s brother Adel, who lives in Germany, and his wife Nermin and others, will play a central role in making Mukhtar Salamat and his wife Latifa live through difficult days in desperate attempts to restore the lost warmth and family balance.

In its new season, the family “Salamat Abu Al Banat” will witness many changes, as disputes and conflicts arise between Omar and Soraya. Amal will also face a crisis due to her pregnancy, which was not foreseen by the Mukhtar, who will make a harsh decision about his daughter and those around him. This will be apparent in the first episodes that have been aired so far, which show a dramatic horizontal pattern that develops gradually, before it takes an ascending turn in the following episodes that hide exciting events which would change the course of the scenario.

The second season of this series is marked by the participation of a group of artistic names, most notably the stars of the first season. These include Mohamed Khouyi, Saadia Ladib, Bachir Abdou and Jehan Kedari, as well as well-known artistic faces, namely Younes Megri and others. They all formed a creative combination headed by Hicham Jabbari, who has gained a great deal of experience and expertise through the many works he has presented on Moroccan television. As for the production, it was entrusted to “Spiktoub”.

The series was able to achieve mass success and widespread popularity through social networking sites. The concept of the series was well received by viewers, both in Morocco and abroad.

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